The Charles Simeon Trust


We believe that the primary tool God uses to build His local church is through the faithful preaching of His Word Sunday after Sunday. To that end, we desire to strengthen local churches around us by helping equip their pastors and Bible teachers in the ability to minister faithfully to their congregations. From those aspiring to teach to those who have served for decades, the Workshops on Biblical Exposition provide a “back to basics” approach that can aid all preachers in more confidently and faithfully preaching the Bible. They are not designed to be a one-time information download, but an annual “training camp” designed for and taught by men regularly preaching and teaching God’s Word. Our next Workshop will focus on the Epistles as a genre, looking at Ephesians in particular. The instructors will be David Helm (President of The Charles Simeon Trust) and David Bissett. It will be on October 19-21, 2022 and will be held around the same time every year. You can get more information here.


We also recognize that preachers are not the only teachers in the church and that God has given many faithful women the ability and responsibility to teach within their local churches. The Simeon Trust also hosts Workshops on Biblical Exposition taught by women and designed specifically to strengthen the teaching ministry of women in the local church. The format—which is the same as the men’s—is not merely passive comprehension of key concepts; each attendee is an active participant in presenting her own preparation of specific texts and helping strengthen the work of others through regular, intentional small group time. Our next workshop will be held on February 16-18, 2023 and will work through passages from the gospels. You can get more information here.