Childcare Guidelines

For what age range will childcare be offered?
Infants to Pre-K. We encourage parents to keep newborns with them in the service.

When will CCWC childcare start?
We plan to restart on Sunday, November 15. 

When will childcare be provided?
Childcare will be provided only during the Sunday morning service.

How many kids can be registered per service?
We will accept up to 10 children ages 0-24 months and 10 children ages 2-PreK with registration required by noon on Saturday.

Which rooms will we use?
Childcare will be moved to the basement “Blue” and “Green” rooms to maximize our available child safe space.

Will we require masks?
Age 2 and up are required to wear a mask consistent with the CDC guidelines at all times while in the building.

Will we require parents to register?
Registration will be required for all children including visitors. Registration allows us to:

  • Make sure that parents understand and agree to comply with COVID-19 protocols,
  • Understand any special needs/instructions for each child,
  • Ensure all needed resources are available, and
  • Efficiently check-in children at the door.

How will we manage drop off and pick up?
Parents who have pre-registered will drop-off their children at the corner Barnard St. entrance outside the “blue” room wearing masks and maintaining social distance from other families. Parents will pick-up their child(ren) at the same outside entrance wearing masks and maintaining social distance from other families.

Parents will not be allowed to enter the building at the childcare door. The exterior doors will be locked at the beginning of the service and re-opened at the conclusion of the service. Late arrivers must enter the main Barnard St. entrance and check their child in with CCWC security volunteers through the office stairway.

What if a parent needs their child before the service is over?
Parents can access their child(ren) through CCWC security volunteers at any time. Once the child has been checked out, they may not re-enter the childcare area.

When is a child not allowed in childcare? When will they be removed?
A child with fever or other abnormal bodily secretions will not be allowed in childcare. If the child is sick, please stay home. No screening will be done upon arrival unless symptoms are present. Parents are responsible to check their children according to CCWC’s Regathering Guidelines. If a child begins to display abnormal symptoms during the service, the volunteer will contact the parent through CCWC security volunteers and ask that they be taken home.

What other restrictions will be put in place?

  • Food/Drinks: Volunteers will feed bottles as requested. Personal spill proof and labeled water bottles can be brought and kept with personal belongings. No other snacks or drinks are allowed, nor will they be provided to children by CCWC.
  • Diapers: Diapers will not be changed by CCWC volunteers at this time. Parents will be contacted via text or security radio if changing is required. Diaper changing stations will be available to parents at the bottom of the stairs and in the nursing moms’ room. Once the diaper is changed the child may return to childcare.
  • Restroom Use: Children will use the restrooms across from the “Green” room according to the CCWC childcare policy.
  • Toys: The amount of toys and other items in the rooms will be reduced and chosen to help maintain a clean, safe environment.

What will we do if we have a COVID positive?
Parents will agree to notify the church if the child or a member of the household tests positive for COVID-19 within 1 week after attending CCWC. Upon notification, CCWC will contact the CDC and follow their guidance to determine the appropriate response. Volunteer and child attendance records will be kept for reference.