The CCWC Academy is our primary means of theological equipping. These classes meet on Sunday mornings from 8:40 AM to 9:40 AM before our primary worship gathering. Availability is limited to 15 per class, and signup sheets can be found at the connection center before the beginning of each semester. For more information, please contact Isaac Whitney at


Apologetics (May 1-June 19) — Peter calls us to always be prepared to give an account for the hope that is in us. How can we as Christians defend the truths of scripture to others around us and strengthen our own faith in the process? How has the church traditionally defended the faith once for all delivered to the saints? Join teachers Sean Howat & Stephen Tipton as they explore these important topics over the next few weeks. Sign up at the connection center.

How To Read The Bible (July 10-August 14) — How can I get more out of my daily Bible reading? What does the Old Testament have to do with Jesus and the Gospel? How am I supposed to understand and engage with all the different genres of Scripture? Tim Garber, Dan Mason, and Isaac Whitney will be guiding students through the fundamentals of Biblical Hermeneutics in this 6-week course through the second half of the summer.