On Sunday, June 26, at 5 PM, Dr. Stanley D. Gale will give a lecture entitled, “The Christian Life As Spiritual Warfare Did you know that the fallen world in which we live is characterized by spiritual opposition? Did you know that every New Testament writer addresses the matter of spiritual warfare? Our Lord Jesus prayed for His disciples not that they would be taken out of the world but that they would be kept from the evil one. Often, that is if we account for it at all, we relegate spiritual warfare to unusual and episodic conflict. But it is something that is part of the biblical worldview and ordinary to our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ, something for which the Spirit equips us in His Word. This SNT seminar will explore the nature of spiritual warfare and how we are to stand firm in Christ against the schemes of our enemy the devil.

Stan Gale has served Christ and congregation for over 30 years, and is the author of several books on the Christian life. He lives in West Chester, PA.