On Sunday, September 26, at 5 PM, Pastor Jared Mellinger will give a lecture entitled “A Bright Tomorrow: How to Face the Future Without Fear.A global pandemic, political discord, terrifying news from overseas—if we’re honest, sometimes it feels like fear is more than justified. But the most often repeated command in God’s Word is, “do not fear.” How can we live faithfully in obedience to that command while living in a world with so much to fear? This talk will address anxiety about an uncertain future by reminding Christians of what they are certain of: God’s grace, his unshakeable promises, and the hope of resurrection. The goal is to help us remember our security in Christ in the midst of parental fears, cultural decline, aging, death, and facing the unknown.

Since 2008, Mellinger has served as Senior Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA. In addition to A Bright Tomorrow, he is also the author of Think Again: Freedom from the Burden of Introspection. He resides in Glen Mills, PA with his wife Meghan and their six children.