In his sermon on March 8, Pastor Raymond listed 13 questions you can ask while reading Mark’s Gospel with another person. These questions are meant to help someone engage with the main points of the gospel as seen in the text of the book.

1.How would you answer the question: “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

2.Why did Jesus come?

3.Why did Jesus die?

4.Why did Jesus rise?

5.How can God accept us?

6.What is your view of who Jesus is?

7.What are the different ways that people respond to Jesus?

a. Do you see yourself in any of these responses?

8.Why do you think Jesus used such extreme language when talking about the need to avoid hell?

9.Who do people today believe Jesus is?

a. What do they base these views on?

b. How would you feel if someone else deliberately took the punishment for something serious you had done wrong?

c. What did Jesus say that following him would mean?

We would encourage you to take time to read through Mark’s gospel with someone else as we study it together as a church.

*Note: Many of these questions are adapted from (or can be found in) the Christianity|Explored Handbook.