Sunday Night Theology


Sunday Night Theology is designed to provide extended time of Bible teaching as well as talks about current issues that should be addressed by the church of Jesus Christ. Christ Church West Chester seeks to provide excellent resources and to expert speakers here to our church as both a ministry to our members as well as an outreach to our community. All events are completely free and require no reservation.

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Upcoming SNT Events

A Generous Complementarianism — From the opening pages of Scripture, we find that God, in His wisdom and providence, created two complementary sexes for our good and His glory. In light of His good created order, and the fact that men and women both share in divine image bearing, God intends for men and women to have different yet complementary roles and responsibilities in the church and home. These role distinctions do not arise from cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity but are an integral part of God’s plan for humanity, as revealed in Scripture. We should recognize them as God’s grace to men and women, protecting, preserving and practicing them for His glory, our joy and for the sake of human flourishing. In light of recent complementarian conversations, what does it mean to be a generous complementarian that rightly emphasizes the shared dignity and mission between men and women while also rightly emphasizing that men and women are not interchangeable? Come find out at this SNT led by TVC’s Dr. JT English on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 5pm.
Spiritual Gifts: What They Are & Why They Matter — The topic of spiritual gifts is often a point of contention among Christians. In Spiritual Gifts: What They Are and Why They Matter, Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner, a leading New Testament scholar, answers these questions. Schreiner shares his personal experience related to spiritual gifts, but more importantly, he unpacks what the Bible has to say about them. In doing so, he brings a spirit of humility and charity, reminding us that though spiritual gifts are important, we can have unity in Christ even where we disagree. This SNT will be taught by Southern Seminary’s Dr. Tom Schreiner on Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 5pm.
Am I Really a Christian? — The Bible encourages us to have assurance of salvation, but it also warns us against being presumptuous. Many Christians struggle to have settled confidence in their salvation, and many unbelievers are convinced that they are going to heaven because they once prayed a prayer or walked an aisle. This talk will seek to clarify what it means to be a born-again follower of Christ, and what kinds of thing the Scriptures point to as reliable evidence that we are children of God. This SNT talk will be led by Mike McKinley, pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church, on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 5pm.
Biblical Theology: How the Church Faithfully Teaches the Gospels — Throughout the history of the church, Christians have always had to contend with the influence of unbiblical teachings related to God, humanity, and salvation. One of the most important safeguards against all forms of heresy is a robust appreciation for biblical theology―reading the Bible in a way that takes into account the whole storyline of redemptive history. Exhorting pastors and other church leaders to prioritize biblical theology in their own congregations, this book explains basic principles for reading the Bible that help pastors teach the big story of the Bible from every text. Understanding the Bible in Christ-centered terms shapes the church’s teaching and mission, and protects the truth of the gospel around the world. This SNT talk will be led by Nick Roark, pastor of Franconia Baptist Church, on Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 5pm.
“The Hardest Work of All”: Lessons Learned through the History of Christian Prayer —  In a sense, the history of Christian prayer may be considered a continued expression of the Disciple’s request to Jesus as recorded in Luke 11:1, “Lord, teach us to pray.” The earliest Christians were known even by their adversaries as those who “pray to Christ as God.” But how did believers in the early, medieval, and Reformation church pray? What Scriptures guided their prayers and what were their methods? By noting various expressions of Christian prayer in the history of the church, this talk will illustrate what believers from the past have to teach believers in the present about what Martin Luther called “the hardest work of all.” This SNT talk will be led by Dr. Dustin Bruce, Dean of Boyce College in Louisville, KY, on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 5pm.
Radically Different: A Student’s Guide to Community — Life is complicated, and teenagers, even middle-schoolers, have to figure it all out while they’re also growing up. There are so many areas of life to navigate—sports, tech, gaming, and especially relationships. But God’s Word helps us untangle the twists of life. The Bible gives us lenses through which to gain clarity on life issues. Every thing on planet earth, and that includes every relationship, is good because God made it. Everything’s also broken because of the Fall, and Christ came to make all things new. Because of Creation, Fall, Redemption, we can look at everything through the lenses of good, bad, and new. This perspectives gives clarity and sets Christians apart as unique. Living and relating in the reality of good, bad, new makes us radically human, radically biblical, and radically different. This SNT talk will be led by Champ Thornton, pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church, on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 5pm.
The Fifth Gospel: The Servant Songs of Isaiah — The book of Isaiah has been a central text in the Christian faith, even called the “Fifth Gospel” by many. A fitting title, because the New Testament’s use of the word “gospel” is largely rooted in Isaiah’s own use of it. Against the backdrop of God’s judgment, Isaiah says, “herald of good news” (Isa. 40:9). It is the good news that, although God’s people rightly deserve judgment, God will come as their king and bring peace and salvation to all who trust him (Isa. 40:9; 52:7). At the heart of this “gospel” is the coming of a Servant who will accomplish our salvation through his righteous life, guilty death, and victorious resurrection (Isa. 53:4–6, 10–12). This is the heart of Isaiah’s gospel and ours. It is the substitution of Jesus Christ, the righteous for the unrighteous, that we might be restored to God. This SNT talk will be a study of the Servant Songs in Isaiah which focus on God’s suffering Servant and will be led by Dr. Raymond M. Johnson, pastor at Christ Church West Chester, on Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 5pm. 
How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age — We live in a time of division. It shows up not just between political parties and ethnic groups and churches but also inside of them. As Christians, we’ve felt pushed to the outskirts of national public life, yet even then we are divided about how to respond. Some want to strengthen the evangelical voting bloc. Others focus on social-justice causes, and still others would abandon the public square altogether. What do we do when brothers and sisters in Christ sit next to each other in the pews but feel divided and angry? Is there a way forward?
In How the Nations Rage, political theology scholar and pastor Jonathan Leeman challenges Christians from across the spectrum to hit the restart button. First, we shift our focus from redeeming the nation to living as a redeemed nation. Second, we take the lessons learned inside the church into our public engagement outside of it by loving our neighbors and seeking justice. When we identify with Christ more than a political party or social grouping, we avoid the false allure of building heaven on earth and return to the church’s unchanging political task: to represent a heavenly and future kingdom now. It’s only when we realize that the life of our churches now is the hope of the nation for tomorrow that we become the salt and light Jesus calls us to be. This SNT will be taught by 9 Marks’s Dr. Jonathan Leeman on Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 5pm. 
The Christian Household: 8 Considerations for Parenting and Family — Parents are not to perform, they are to train up a child in the way they should go, so that when they are old they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Drawing on his thirty years of experience as a husband, father, and pastor, Ed shares insights gained to provided valuable help for parents. This SNT will be taught by Ed Moore, pastor of North Shore Baptist Church, on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 5pm. 
Descriptions and Prescriptions: A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnoses and Medications —
OCD, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder . . . these are not just diagnoses from the DSM; they are part of our everyday vocabulary and understanding of people. As Christians, how should we think about psychiatric diagnoses and their associated treatments? We can’t afford to isolate ourselves and simply dismiss these categories as unbiblical. Nor can we afford to accept the entire secular psychiatric diagnostic and treatment enterprise at face value as though Scripture is irrelevant for these complex struggles. Instead, we need a balanced, biblically (and scientifically!) informed approach that is neither too warmly embracing nor too coldly dismissive of psychiatric labels and the psychiatric medications that are often prescribed. 
Biblical counselor, CCEF Faculty, and retired physician, Michael R. Emlet, will present a helpful way forward on these important issues. He will guide us through the thicket of mental health diagnoses and treatments and will show how the Bible informs our understanding of both psychiatric diagnoses, and the medications that are often recommended based on those labels. Through this time together, we will seek to form biblical, gospel-formed categories that will help us understand and minister to those who struggle with mental health issues. 
This SNT will be taught by CCEF’s Michael R. Emlet on Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 5pm.
God the Son Incarnate — Nothing is more important than what a person believes about Jesus Christ. To understand Christ correctly is to understand the very heart of God, Scripture, and the gospel. To get to the core of this belief, this latest volume in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series lays out a systematic summary of Christology from philosophical, biblical, and historical perspectives—concluding that Jesus Christ is God the Son incarnate, both truly God and truly man. Readers will learn to better know, love, trust, and obey Christ—unashamed to proclaim him as the only Lord and Savior. This SNT will be taught by Southern Seminary’s Dr. Stephen J. Wellum on Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 5pm.


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