See our guidelines for in-person outdoor worship below.

Join Us For Corporate Worship Outdoors Sundays at 9:30AM  

Our outdoor services will be about an hour long and the congregation will be seated in an open field. Each household that plans to attend will need to bring its own seatingEach space should be set up 6 feet or more from other households in all directions.

If you have questions regarding Sunday’s service, please contact the church office at (610) 344-9332 or email us at

Where will the service be?
Since we will be meeting at a private residence, please contact the church office to request the address of our meeting location.

When will the service start?
The service will begin at 9:30am.

When can I arrive for the service?
You can arrive up to 20-minutes before the service starts.

Where do I park?
You can park in the driveway and/or along the street. Deacons will be on site to direct you when you arrive.

Is there handicapped parking?
No. However, please tell the deacons of your parking needs when you arrive.

How do I get to the service?
Each person is responsible for his or her own transportation.

When I arrive, how do I find my seat?
Walk around the house to the right of the driveway. Signs will be out to direct you to the backyard.

What do I need to bring?
Everyone attending will need to bring their own seating to sit in the yard. Hats or umbrellas for shade are recommended. Please do not bring shade tents. They may block other people’s view and set up/tear down time is limited. Please bring your own Bible, as well as any note-taking materials you may need. Please bring your own water.

How should I dress?
We anticipate it being very hot, especially since there is no shade in the yard. Please dress to be comfortable for the hot temperatures, though using discretion and decency proper to the public gathering of a church.

What will the outdoor service include?
The outdoor service will follow our general liturgy but be limited to 1 hour. Lyrics for our songs will be sent by email over the weekend leading up to each Sunday’s service.  For those who are able, please plan to read lyrics from your phone or another electronic device on which you received the email. There will also be a limited number of printed lyrics sheets available.

Will there be communion?
Yes, we will have communion on select weeks.

What if I need to use the restroom?
The restroom will be accessible for emergency bathroom use only. The restroom can be accessed via the back yard. Entrance to the restroom will be monitored to account for numbers of people inside and periodic cleaning of the restroom. Please wear face masks while using the restroom. Children must be accompanied by a parent to the restroom since there is a pool.

Do I have to wear a face mask?
You do not need to wear a face mask outdoors. If you need to go inside to use the restrooms, please wear a mask or face covering.

Where can my kids go if they are restless?
If your children are restless, please feel free to take them to the driveway or front lawn of the home. Children may not be left unattended. Please maintain proper social distancing with others who may be in those areas.

Will there be any kind of children’s ministry at the outdoor service?
No, there will not be any children’s ministry at the outdoor service.

Will there still be a live stream?
On the days we have the outdoor service, no. Technological constraints involved with meeting outdoors prevent us from providing a live stream.

When the weather prohibits us from gathering outdoors, however, we will live stream the service from the church. You can access the church’s live stream here.